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South Carolina Rottweiler Rescue Policies

There are no exceptions made to these Policies. Please do not ask.

1. SCRR does not adopt or accept for placement any dog that has a known history of aggressive, violent or unpredictable behavior. If we accept a dog into our program and that dog exhibits extreme and/or unpredictable behavior, the dog will be humanely put down.

It is part of our responsibility to our breed to insure the dogs we adopt out are loving family members and do not further the poor image the Rottweiler has aquired through irresponsible ownership and misconceptions.

2. SCRR will not agree to adopt a dog without having that dog spayed or neutered. We are endeavoring to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned Rottweilers in our area. Most of the dogs we will have availalbe for adoption will not have a known medical history or bloodline and would therefore not be proper breeding stock. The majority of our Rotties will have come from area animal shelters and other rescue organizations.

*If you are interested in breeding and/or showing Rottweilers we recomend you contact the American Kennel Club, The American Rottweiler Club, or The United States Rottweiler Club to locate a reputable breeder in your area. Please see our links page for links to these fine organizations.

3. SCRR cannot adopt to a home without a fenced area for these dogs. This is a large and fairly active breed. They require daily excercise for their physical and mental well being. We cannot adopt to a home where any outdoor time will be at the end of a chain or run line. The fenced area is a safe, protected place for these dogs to get the excercise they need.

4. SCRR will consider military families on a case by case basis. Military familes living on base will be required to provide a copy of the housing regulations and written permission from the base housing authority to own a Rottweiler. We also require military families living off base to provide an estimated length of time they will be stationed at their current posting, as a move to a new base may cause the newly adopted family member to be left behind. For this reason we are very particular with Military familes as adoption candidates.

* SCRR intends no slight to the dedicated men and women who serve our country in the military. We are proud of the sacrifices they make to keep us free. We are merely trying to insure the best possible home for those Rotties in our care.

Conditions of Owner Surrenders

Again, no exceptions are made to these policies

1. As stated above, SCRR will not accept a dog with a history of violent, aggressive or unpredictable behavior for placement. Minor aggressive problems such as food aggression and toy aggression can sometimes be worked out, but this will be on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to refuse any dog for placement through our program.

2. We have an owner surrender donation of $ 100 for unaltered dogs without current shots. Dogs that have been altered (spayed / neutered) with current vaccinations are taken with an owner surrender donation of $ 50.

* Owner surrendered dogs are taken on a space availability basis.

If we are unable to accept a dog for our program due to space restrictions, we will be happy to list the dog on our website and on Petfinder.com. We will refer any interested party to the owner. We will also assist in home screening for any dog we list.

Adoption Cost

Our standard adoption donation is $ 100.

On occasion older dogs (8+ years) or dogs with health issues may be offered for a lesser donation.

Included in this cost are:

- Spay / Neuter of the pet

- All yearly shots (Rabies, DHLPP)

- Microchip insertion (Registration of the microchip is required and will be mailed in by the adoptive 'parents')

Adoption Procedures

1. An Adoption Application must be filled out. Two personal references and a vet reference are required.

*Applicants who do not currently have pets are exempt from the vet reference requirement.

2. After the Adoption Application is approved a home visit is set up with the family seeking to adopt. A representitive of  SCRR will schedule a time and day to meet with the family in their home to discuss the needs of the dog and what type of personality the family is looking for, as well as the living quarters the dog will have.

3. Upon approval of the home during the home visit, a 30-day foster agreement is signed and the dog resides with the family in their home for that time.

4. At the end of the 30-day foster agreement a follow-up home visit is scheduled. A representative of SCRR schedules another visit with the family in their home to discuss how the last month has gone. If the family and pet have bonded and there are no other problems, the adoption contract is signed. The adoption donation is due at the signing of the adoption contract.

Our contracts are available for review upon request.

*SCRR will do periodic follow up checks on the family by phone after the adoption contract is signed.

If ever the adoptive family cannot or does not desire to care for any dog we place, we will accept that dog back.


All policies and costs are subject to change by SCRR

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