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Here are the rotties we currently have available for foster / adoption.


18 month old female

Looking for a Rottweiler in minature?

Titania is a 10-12 month old Rottie mix girl who was found weaving in and out of traffic with her mother.

They were rescued by a wonderful vet and his family who contacted us to place them.

She's named for the Queen of the Fairy folk because that's who she reminds me of, a Fairy Queen.

This girl will be VERY small by Rottie standards when fully grown. Her petite size and malnutrition at so young an age will all be factors to her small adult size.

What she lacks is size she makes up for in personality! She is loving, lively and very playful. She wants to climb into your lap, love you and give puppy kisses - and a small love nip, but she's learning that a nip is a bit much.

At the moment she is VERY food protective, but having been as badly starved as she has been, it's to be expected. Once she has a bit more weight and a bit more of a comfort level, we're going to work on her food protective nature.

She needs a foster or adoptive home as soon as possible.

This time for her is the most formative in her development, and a loving home is just what she needs after such a rough start.

Could your family use a little Fairy Queen?


This girl is so bright! She has learned 'sit, 'down', 'inside', and 'out'. She is also much better about her food. She will sit and wait for the "OK" to eat - most of the time ;-)

I'm so proud of her! She is very smart and loving.