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Donations and A Gift For you

We want to thank you for giving your time and money to help us save Rotties in South Carolina.

Below are items that will be sent to you when you make a donation of a specified amount to South Carolina Rottweiler Rescue.

You can send your donation through PayPal using the buttons for each donation level.

If you wish to donate an amount not offered here, please e-mail us and we will make arrangements for you.

 Please contact us at .

Be sure to send us your physical mailing address so we may send your gift.

Each donation will also recieve a personal thank you from our President and a picture of one of our rescued rotties.



Due to a page error the donation amount is not listed on the mug/desk set.

The donation for ONLY the mug/desk set is $ 35.

If you have any trouble with the links on this page, please contact us at:




Rottweiler Office Gift Pack

Donations of

This is an office gift pack that was produced by XPRES.

It contains 1 mug, 1 mouse pad & 1 coaster. All have the same full color picture of a beautiful Rottweiler head and the name of the breed.

The set is in the original box.

The mug has the picture on one side and a breed history on the back.

It reads:


The Rottweiler is of German origin and, in the Middle Ages, was a hunter of wild boar. Later used to help herd cattle, these dogs were also put to work pulling carts for butchers and cattle dealers. A proven work dog, this reliable breed is highly intelligent and has an excellent temperament. Today, the much talented Rottweiler is used for many purposes, including mountain rescue and police work.




Hand Painted Ceramic Rottie Bust

Donations of  $ 70

This ceramic bust measures aprox. 4" tall and 4" wide at the ears.

Show here prior to painting, the bust will be painted using the typical Rottie colors and markings.

The base can be customized with the name of a beloved Rotten Angel on request.

Each bust is individually hand painted by Kristi Fell, our Founder & President.

- A picture of the finished version will be posted along with the primed one shortly. -

$ 70 donations will recieve BOTH the mug set and the bust!